Fall 2021 Semester

Yes. All Rensselaer students are required to be fully vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus and upload evidence of receiving the vaccine to the Student Health Portal in order to be granted access to campus for the fall 2021 semester, except with an authorized exemption. Failure to upload records will prevent students from accessing campus and jeopardize student status.

Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, and Pfizer are accepted as well as COVID-19 vaccines approved by the World Health Organization (WHO).  

The list of COVID-19 vaccines below have received Emergency Use Listing (EUL) from the World Health Organization (WHO):

  • AstraZeneca/SKBio 
  • AstraZeneca/EU approved sites  
  • AstraZeneca/MHLW approved sites  
  • AstraZeneca/TGA approved sites 
  • BIBP/Sinopharm  
  • BioNtech Tozinameran - COMIRNATY® 
  • BioNtech Tozinameran/US FDA - Pfizer-BioNTech  
  • J&J/Janssen–Cilag International NV (Belgium)  
  • Moderna 
  • Serum Institute of India Pvt Ltd - COVID- 19 vaccine  - COVISHIELD™
  • Sinovac  – CoronaVac  

Learn more about individual EUL listings.

If you are not fully vaccinated (occurs two weeks after your first dose of Johnson & Johnson or two weeks after your second dose of Moderna or Pfizer) by August 2, it will not impact your ability to move in or be granted campus access. You will, however, need to follow all the health and safety protocols expected of an unvaccinated student until you are fully vaccinated.

Please enter the date of your first vaccine dose on the portal form (if available) and wait until you have received your final vaccine dose before completing and submitting the vaccine form and uploading a copy of your vaccine card/documentation to the Student Health Portal.

Summer 2021 Semester

 Once you have either started or completed the full COVID-19 vaccination series:

  1. Log into the Student Health Portal.
  2. Click on “My Forms” and select “COVID-19 Immunization.”
  3. Enter the brand of vaccine you received (Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, or other, if vaccinated abroad), and the date of vaccination.
  4. Submit the form.
  5. Click on “Document Upload,” select “Immunization Verification” as the document type, and upload a copy of your vaccination card.

Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, and Pfizer are accepted, as well as COVID-19 vaccines approved by the World Health Organization (WHO). For details, visit the WHO website.

You must have received your first dose by June 7. If a second dose is required, it must be completed in accordance with the vaccine schedule.

If you only have one dose completed, you must follow the vaccine schedule to complete the series. Rensselaer can accommodate students who need the second dose if we have the same vaccine. Email the Student Health Center at to coordinate your final vaccine.

If you have not started the vaccine series prior to your arrival, Rensselaer has a limited supply of vaccines that we can distribute.

We have a limited supply of COVID-19 vaccines to distribute, but cannot guarantee availability. We recommend that you obtain your COVID-19 vaccination from Rensselaer if you are currently on campus or in the local area. If you are outside of the local area, schedule an appointment at a clinic near you before coming to campus this summer.

There will not be a remote learning request process in place for the Arch 2021 summer semester. Students facing financial difficulties, medical/health issues, or other circumstances may apply for a housing and/or meal plan waiver. For details, visit desire not to get vaccinated will not be grounds for a waiver.

The FDA, through its EUA process, has concluded that the vaccines are safe and effective in combating the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, requiring the vaccine at Rensselaer is the best means available to reach the end of the pandemic and offer students a safe living and learning environment.

We currently have a no visitors policy in place.

As per existing policy, all registered students for The Arch 2021 summer semester, fall 2021 semester, and spring 2022 semester are required to be vaccinated for COVID-19.

For more information on the Arch summer 2021 semester, view our Arch FAQs.

For more information on the Arch summer 2021 semester, view our Arch FAQs.

For more information on the Arch summer 2021 semester, view our Arch FAQs.

Spring 2021 Semester

All COVID-19 vaccines currently available in the United States have been shown to be highly effective at preventing COVID-19 or to help keep individuals from getting seriously ill. According to current research, immunity develops over time, not immediately following the injection, and protection against the virus will occur at least two weeks after receiving the final dose (first or second shot depending on type administered). 

Individuals who are 18 years or older. For details, visit the New York State Health Department website. If you are currently outside of New York state, visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website or check with your physician.

Visit the New York State Health Department website for details or check with your physician.

Visit “How to Get a Vaccine” on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website to find information about the COVID-19 vaccine for your state or check with your physician. If you are outside of the United States, check with your local health authority or your physician.

Yes. Fully vaccinated students still need to continue to attend their required, pre-scheduled COVID-19 testing and follow Rensselaer health and safety protocols to prevent the further spread of COVID-19. Although the vaccine has been shown to be highly effective at preventing COVID-19 or helping to keep you from getting seriously ill, an immune person can still asymptomatically carry the virus, if exposed, and pass it along to others who are unvaccinated. For more information, read "Key Things to Know About COVID-19 Vaccines" on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website.

No. Receiving the COVID-19 vaccine will not affect the results of the PCR or antigen tests you receive on campus because they detect active disease, not immunity. There is no virus present in the mRNA COVID-19 vaccine. 

If you meet current New York State eligibility for vaccine administration (e.g., age, occupation, health risk), you are eligible to receive the vaccine in New York state if you live in New York at the time of the vaccination appointment. Students living in Troy or on campus who have a non-NYS permanent address can show proof of New York State residency with a copy of a statement from a landlord; current rent receipt or lease; mortgage records; or current mail and school records. 

Yes. Even if you received a COVID-19 vaccination, you need to continue to follow Rensselaer health and safety policies and protocols, which include wearing a mask at all times when outside of your personal residence.

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