Learn Remotely

The most efficient support will be obtained by submitting an online request. Students will receive an email response from the ticketing system or a phone call, if needed, which may be in conjunction with a remote assistance session to be able to view the requester’s computer/laptop.

Tech Support: https://support.rpi.edu 

Online Self-Help https://itssc.rpi.edu

Submit an Online Request: https://itssc.rpi.edu

Email: helpdesk@rpi.edu
Phone: (518) 276-7777

Visit https://support.rpi.edu for current help desk hours of coverage, access to a knowledge base in ITSSC, and to submit an online request. For individuals with MCP laptops, the help desk team will assist you and/or provide information on how to work with the vendor to request hardware assistance. If you need to send your MCP laptop to the vendor for repair and you are a student participating in The Arch, you will also receive instructions on how to request a loaner laptop, if you need one.

If students do not have WiFi access at home, they may identify locations with public WiFi such as libraries. Students may be able to gain access through their cell phones using a WiFi hot spot. Additionally, some internet providers are offering free or reduced plans. Webex and LMS are both accessible via smartphones.

Students with WiFi concerns should speak with their course instructor.

Prior to leaving the U.S., students should research whether they are able to access their classes, and the impact this will have. Students who may have this issue should consider applying for a housing waiver to complete their courses. If a student drops below full-time (12 credits), they will forfeit their F-1 status. If they remain enrolled full-time, they will retain their status.

All students who will be accessing RPI resources from abroad should obtain a VPN. For more information, visit the Help Desk.

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