Room Assignment

Per the email sent to all first-year students on June 19, 2020, any housing accommodation requests were due by Friday, June 26, 2020. If you need a housing accommodation, please complete the housing accommodation form as soon as possible. Any accommodation requests submitted before 8 a.m., August 10, 2020, will be reviewed. However, because the deadline has passed and we are so close to move-in, the Office of Student Living and Learning cannot guarantee that late requests will be granted.

We are unable to consider any other requests for a room change or to be placed in a different building.

For concerns about roommate/suitemate relationships, Student Living and Learning staff are trained to assist with navigating various situations. We recognize that each hall has different amenities and layouts and truly believe that each student will have a great experience in their residence hall, regardless of their room assignment.

For concerns about distance, there will be socially distant shuttles operating that will assist students in traveling safely from their residence hall to classes, dining halls, and other campus buildings.

There are very few halls that do not have air-conditioning. Students may not bring their own AC unit; however, they are encouraged to bring a fan. While it may be hot for the first few weeks, temperatures in Troy, New York, drop quickly in the fall.

You must complete the Remote Learning Request Form immediately, and if approved, you will complete your studies remotely at your permanent residence. First-year students are not permitted to attend in-person courses from an off-campus apartment/house or a permanent residence that is approximate to Rensselaer.

Rensselaer has not finalized any housing decisions regarding the spring 2021 semester. At this time, we strongly encourage students to pack light and pack smart for the fall 2020 semester because you may need to take all of your personal belongings home during Thanksgiving Break. We plan to communicate more details about spring semester plans in the middle of the fall term.

All on-campus students are expected to return home the beginning of Thanksgiving Break and will complete any remaining fall 2020 coursework and exams remotely. In some rare instances, Rensselaer will work with students on a case-by-case basis if they are unable to travel home. However, we suggest that you begin to make travel reservations and plans to return home now.

Although we have offered this opportunity to students in the past, we are not able to offer this option this year. With our continued focus on packing light and smart, students should have more than enough storage space for their clothing and personal belongings. For rooms with twin-XL mattresses, students have the opportunity to manually lower their bed to just a few inches above the ground or raise their bed to have approximately 30 inches of space beneath their bed for storage. 

The Student Living and Learning website provides amenity information about each of our halls including furniture (and dimensions), air-conditioning (if available), hall carpeting, elevators, laundry, in-suite kitchens (for apartments), and nearest dining hall. 

*Please note that due to de-densification, some information on our website has changed, including students per suite/apartment, number of occupants, cleaning schedules, and costs.

A decision has not yet been made regarding if community kitchens will be available to students. Students in these buildings may not have access to the community refrigerator and other appliances. Students who have kitchens in their apartment will be able to utilize their in-home kitchens.

Select your residence hall on the Student Living and Learning website and click the blue box that says “Floor Plans.” Only Rensselaer students, using their login credentials, will be able to see the floor plans. If you have not signed into Box before, you will need to activate your account. Box accounts are provided free of charge to Rensselaer students. 

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