Employee Spring 2022 FAQs


All staff and faculty are expected to return to campus on January 3, 2022. 


All staff and faculty are required to test once per week.

Any staff or faculty who test positive will be required to go into isolation off campus and must notify Lou Padula, director of benefits, retirement and HRIS at (518) 276-6164 or padull@rpi.edu.


All staff and faculty must obtain booster vaccines when they become eligible. Booster proof should be uploaded to the DIAL app.

Employees who have not been able to obtain a booster vaccine from their community provider should contact Louis Padula, director of benefits, retirement, and HRIS at 518-276-6164 or padull@rpi.edu.Those who are ineligible for a booster must obtain a booster shot when they become eligible.


Rensselaer travel restrictions are still in effect. Exceptions may be granted (i.e., required research trips, travel to athletic competitions, etc.) if consistent with federal, state, and CDC regulations and guidelines. Any travel exception requires approval as delineated in the return to campus plan.

Rensselaer cannot supersede the COVID-19 protocols of foreign nations or COVID-19 entry protocols for the United States. Further, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) requires proof of a negative test result before being cleared for entry into the United States. Therefore, we cannot facilitate entry for faculty and staff returning to the U.S. if they test positive for COVID-19 while traveling.

However, members of the Rensselaer community — students, faculty, and staff — can access support through International SOS if there is a major medical emergency. If you are planning international travel, download the International SOS card before your trip to have it on hand in case of an emergency. 

Please be mindful that faculty and staff traveling abroad must comply with the COVID-19 protocols of the country in which they travel. Faculty and staff diagnosed with COVID-19 while traveling abroad should immediately contact Lou Padula, director of benefits, retirement, and HRIS in the Division of Human Resources.

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