Thank You All - One Rensselaer

March 24, 2021
Arthur Golden, Chairman, Board of Trustees, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Just over a year ago, COVID-19 was classified as a global pandemic. The Rensselaer community, under Dr. Jackson’s leadership, has faced the pandemic with courage, determination, extra effort, and resourcefulness, while sharpening our focus on our mission. Throughout this challenging year, we have learned many lessons and we have discovered reserves of strength and compassion within ourselves and each other. 

All of you, faculty, staff, and students, have pulled together to help Rensselaer continue to deliver a world-class education and carry out our research mission. Our community has cared for the safety of each other and our students, found innovative ways to teach and learn, and advanced critical research. Everyone has sacrificed and contributed to the continued successful operation of the Institute, including the delivery of remote education and support services. 


Last week, the Board of Trustees met extensively with the Rensselaer administrative, academic, and research leadership teams. We reviewed again in detail how the Institute has adapted and accomplished so much in these past 12 months, demonstrating both brilliance and resilience. Although we are by no means finished with this remarkable ongoing effort, we want to take this moment to thank you all most sincerely for what you have done and are continuing to do. We applaud this remarkable Rensselaer community. 

We thank you for enabling Rensselaer to deliver the best, and safest, possible educational experience under the difficult circumstances presented by the pandemic. Our students have survived a confluence of events that could have easily derailed the most well-formed plans. We applaud your endurance and grit, but perhaps most of all, your maturity and common sense. We recognize and appreciate your dedication, which, alongside the sacrifice and dedication of the faculty and staff, has kept Rensselaer operational, even during these most difficult of times.

While we are hopeful for the transition toward increased normalcy in the near future, the pandemic is still ongoing, and we must maintain the determination to continue to follow the Institute comprehensive health and safety protocols. Your efforts keep our community safe, enable us to carry out our mission, and allow us to look ahead with optimism. 

Thank you all again for your remarkable contributions to this effort.


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