Return to Campus

July 21, 2021
Curtis N. Powell, Vice President, Human Resources

As Rensselaer is welcoming back undergraduate and graduate students for the fall academic semester, I am writing to inform you that all faculty and staff are expected to return to their regular in-office work schedule no later than Monday, August 23, 2021. Even though there is a high vaccination rate among faculty and staff on campus, a low campus COVID-19 case rate, and a low COVID-19 case rate in Rensselaer County, Rensselaer will require all faculty and staff to be vaccinated. There may be exemptions for vaccination due to medical or religious reasons. As faculty, staff, and students return to campus they must follow COVID-19 protocols of the campus, including being fully vaccinated, being tested, wearing masks inside buildings unless in sole occupancy of a closed space such as an office, and maintaining a social distance of six feet. These safety protocols will be monitored at the portfolio level.

Please be informed that Environmental and Site Services staff will continue their daily cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing our building and personal office spaces. These precautionary measures are required to support you, the health of our colleagues, visitors, and the community at large.

Rensselaer has not lifted travel restrictions; however, required research-related travel will be permitted if consistent with federal, state, and CDC regulations and guidelines. Required research-related travel is defined as (i) necessary travel to fulfill grant deliverables or outcomes, such as travel to national laboratories for experiments needed, travel to other institutions to access needed facilities not available at Rensselaer, travel to field stations, or attendance at grant-required meetings; (ii) travel to give an invited presentation at a conference or chair a session or symposium at a conference if an online option does not exist. Personnel engaging in such travel must be fully vaccinated and follow institute-required testing procedures on return.


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